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Things keep moving forward

Posted By Thomas_Hawke, Dr. Hawke on Wed May 9 11:06:15 2007

Hello Polar Scientists!

Just thought I would give you an update of our progress in the lab.

Some great work was done this year by Peter, Jesse and Sophia. There were ALOT of technical hurdles in this project and getting reliable results is critical for scientists. So far, Peter has done all his imaging and now it is a matter of counting satellite cell numbers in the pup, juvenile and adult samples. His results are very close to completion. Sophia and Jesse are also very close to.....

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Posted By pop_fizzle, Antarctic Hawkes on Fri May 4 15:14:21 2007

Howdy to all my readers.

-WOW, that is simply all I can say is wow. I can't believe its May since I began this programme! And this website feels sooooooooooo deserted because no one ever goes on, their messages are from last year and there are no new blogs. I expect this to be the only new one since, like january! It was an awsome experience, being on polar science and it was really fun too. I loved getting to report to my school and this website everything I had learned. Well if anyone is.....

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Welcome to our visitors!

Posted By Diane_Hammond, McMaster YES I Can Science on Thu Mar 22 06:38:07 2007

We know we've had many visitors from education conferences across Canada and the United States learning from all of our hard work... in the field in Antarctica, in the lab in Toronto and in our classrooms around the world. We welcome each and every visitor and encourage you to come back often. Read the reports from the scientists, read the student blogs and view our

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Polar Science 2006

Posted By MSingh, Nanoscitechkids on Sat Jan 20 15:59:36 2007

Dear Polar Science Teams,

The scientific information is awesome! We are able to continue learning about the Polar Science research information. This Polar Science 2006 is a great learning experience for my classroom science program. My students are able to create a Polar Science Diary which is fantastic.

We are able to have time to review some of the questions and answers to various explorational experiences.

Thank you. I would like to continue this scientific investigation in the year.....

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What Happened On Polar 3, a finale.

Posted By janellef, Boundary Street Public School on Thu Jan 18 06:28:37 2007

In my last entry, I just finished talking about what happened in week five, and I didn't get to define what the Oil-Red-O and the Metachromatic's purpose's are. The Oil-Red-O is used to identify intramuscular fat and Metachromatic is used to is used to determine muscle fibre type. In week six the lab team continued to use Oil-Red-O and Metachromatic, and they also told use about Lead ATPase which is something that works similary with Oil-Red-O. In week seven, they began to separate the seal.....

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Polar 06 # 2

Posted By emileew, Boundary Street Public School on Thu Jan 18 06:28:02 2007

In my last blog I wrote about Dr.Kanatous's journey. On this blog I am going to write about Dr.Hawke's journey.

In the first week, Dr.Hawke's lab team told us all about everything we could ever know about The Weddel Seal. Everything from the seal's amazing ability to swim deep under water for its food and hold it's breathe for that whole time! They also filled us in on what their reason is to researching the Weddel Seal. Which is so that we can find out how they hold their breath for.....

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What Happend on Polar 2- continued.

Posted By janellef, Boundary Street Public School on Tue Jan 16 06:30:25 2007

So as I was saying, in week three Sophia informed us of her, Jesse and Peter's separate jobs but she also reminded us of their common goal, which was to confirm last years findings and discover of each part affects the other. In week four, Peter told us about how skilled he Sophia and Jesse had become at crysosectioning, and also told us more about immunohistochemistry which is helping him to study muscle stem cell number and distribution in Weddell seals.To find out more about.....

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Posted By pop_fizzle, Antarctic Hawkes on Mon Jan 15 09:12:53 2007

Howdy,to everyone.It's weird.I can't really think about anything new to tell everyone about since I have no more weeks to report to my class. Before I was jumping, not being able to keep up with the blogs I had to type to tell everyone what was happening during the weeks at my school.It's a very odd feeling.When I look at the members in every group it seems that not very many people are on here at the website any more,like in my school I have'nt heard anything from them for a very long.....

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What Happend on Polar 2- continuation.

Posted By janellef, Boundary Street Public School on Fri Jan 12 07:41:54 2007

So as I was saying, in week two the lab team was working busily on the cryostat machine, which is a device used to cut peices of muscle tissue. Also, the lab team had to battle "freeze fracture" which the ice team also fought out in antartica. In week three, Sophia informed us of all the separeate jobs the members of the lab team would be doing; Spohia: myglobin, vasculature and intramuscular adiposity, Jesse: fibre type and intramuscular lipid content and Peter: muscle stem cells.

Well that's.....

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BIG change!

Posted By pop_fizzle, Antarctic Hawkes on Thu Jan 11 07:16:39 2007

Howdy,to everyone. it's definitely been a BIG change going back to school and work, at least for me.But now that I've gotten into the routine it's been easier(it's still hard to wake up in the mornings though.)I hope everbody had a wonderfull Christmas & a Happy New Year as I said in my recent blog.Now that I have finished my slide show and have also finished touch ups I have to write a short paragraph about the weeks that I've had to present (weeks 2 lab & 6 lab).It's hard to think that I came.....

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What Happend on Polar - 2.

Posted By janellef, Boundary Street Public School on Thu Jan 11 06:28:57 2007

As you can read above, I posted Dr.Kanatous's great journy throughout this season, so here's what happened to Dr.Hawke and the rest of the Lab Team.

In week one, the lab team filled us in on all we need to know about the Weddell Seal, and the seal's amazing ability to excercise so deep underwater, and hold it's breathe for that whole time! They also filled us in on why we need to know the secret of the Weddell seal - which is to say, why they can stay underwater for that long. We also found.....

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What happened on Polar.

Posted By janellef, Boundary Street Public School on Thu Jan 11 06:21:35 2007

Dr. Kanatous's team started out in Anartica, beginning to take samples of the seals, by Monday, October 30th, they had sampled 5 adults, 3 juveniles and 1 subadult, the conditions were harsh so sometimes it was hard to freeze the samples. So the team switched to placing the sample in cryoprotectant for 24 hours and then mounting and freezing the samples back in the lab. By Tuesday November 28, they had frozen their first set of pup muscle cells the day before, so they finally got the primary.....

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Posted By TQuintal, Auroraborealites on Wed Jan 10 06:12:38 2007

yo wats up. gess wat!here in edmonton we have a huge blizerd. im frezing my ears of. its like -30.c. i wishe i coulde be some place else. hey i got an idea tell me the tempratuer wher you are at so i no were i should go. k

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Posted By eyes, Auroraborealites on Wed Jan 10 06:11:47 2007

in edmonton we are in the middle of a blizzard,wind at 40 to 60 km an hour, snow falling, cold tempertures. I was suposed to ask if you have blizzards.

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Weather ?

Posted By jbrophy, Auroraborealites on Wed Jan 10 06:10:17 2007

Wow it is cold today in Edmonton Alberta Canada. We are having blizzard conditions and road visiblity is poor. It is snowing and snowing.

To the Scientists: Do you have bilzzards where you are located? And what is the Weather like where you are ?

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Where has the time gone?

Posted By pop_fizzle, Antarctic Hawkes on Mon Jan 1 15:24:30 2007

Howdy, to everyone.I know, I know, it's been long overdue that I've sent any messages but you know Christmas time and all.Plus I've been hard at work giving last minute touches to my slide show for week 6 lab.What our school does is we present our slide shows all at one time so we now everything that has happened not just little bit by little bit.Also I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.Since it's New Years Day....Happy New Years and I hope all of you have a.....

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Another Amazing Season

Posted By Shane_Kanatous, Dr. Kanatous on Mon Dec 18 18:49:34 2006

Wow; another amazing season! We successfully sampled another 31 animals, which brings our total to 62 animals over the last two seasons. For a study of this type that is truly an amazing number of animals. I would like to take a moment and thank the outstanding efforts of the field team (Steve, Jay, Shawn and Linnea), the lab team (Tom, Peter, Sophia and Jesse) as well as the Polar Science team (Susan, Tom, Diane and you) for the success of this study as well as the website.

I am now.....

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final thoughts from Linnea

Posted By Linnea_Pearson, Dr. Kanatous on Mon Dec 18 18:39:55 2006

Since getting back from the ice, the entire experience almost seems like a blur, as if I imagined the last two months. Then I look at the pictures and read my journal and the entire trip floods back. It was such an amazing experience both from a research perspective and the “I was in Antarctica!” side. It is difficult to describe the sheer amazement that you experience while in Antarctica and I feel lucky to have experienced it first hand. Even at times when things weren’t working.....

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Final thoughts from Dr. Steve

Posted By Stephen_Trumble, Dr. Kanatous on Mon Dec 18 18:25:02 2006

When we met nearly 3 months ago in the LAX airport, some of us had never met before. A brief introduction is the best one can hope for in this line of work and the next thing you know, you have a new roommate and lab mates and are thrown together in the extreme environment of the Antarctic. You have to trust these strangers with your life at times. We landed on the ice in early October and after a couple weeks of preparation our field season started in earnest. The days were long and sometimes.....

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Jay’s Lament – A Retrospective of my Antarctic Experience

Posted By Jay_Davis, Dr. Kanatous on Mon Dec 18 18:18:10 2006

After a whirlwind, circumnavigation around the South Island of New Zealand following our long flight back from “the ice”, I find myself back at work staring out the window as the Seattle rains continually fall. Was it a dream, did I imagine it or did I in fact spend 2 month on a remote frozen paradise working with a fabulous group of folks on an important scientific endeavor to better understand the Weddell seal? Yes, I don’t have to quite pinch myself, but it was in fact REAL!! Now.....

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