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Week 2 report from the Ice Team

Posted By: Diane_Hammond, McMaster YES I Can Science on Sunday, October 15, 2006

We've received the second report from the Ice Team!

Go to the "Expedition News" focus area and Read the Week #2 Report from the Ice Team to learn about "Snow School" and "Sea Ice School". Great classes for Antarctica, don't you think?

After you've read the report, discuss it in your class. If you have any questions go to the "Messages" area and post them to the "Expedition News" shared discussion forum.

Now it's your turn! Report back to the Ice Team!

The scientists described two of the classes they had to attend, Snow School and Ice School. What other class do you think the scientists should attend? Post a new entry in your blog telling us what training you think the Ice Team should have and why! (Please don't post your blog entries to the main page. Remember, we're keeping those spots open for the scientists!)

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